Best Whisky in India – 90ml, 180ml, 375ml, 750ml, 2000ml

Best Whisky in India: The popularity of whiskey is very high in India. Its industries are also massive. You get to see different types of best whiskey in India. You get different brands of whiskey here in various price ranges.

When we talk about Indian whisky, there are many options available. The Indian whisky market offers a wide range of choices. Indian whiskey is typically made from a blend of malted barley and grains.

Best Whisky in India

The best whisky in India is available in many options. You have to choose the best whisky according to your choice. For instance, you can choose from the bold and smoky profile, smooth, hard, strong, malt, blended, and finest whisky.

In India, 90ml whisky prices start from Rs.60. You also can buy a premium 750ml whisky at most Rs.96,716. Here is the list of the best whisky in India,

  1. McDowells No.1 Reserve
  2. McDowells No.1 Luxury
  3. Imperial Blue Superior Grain
  4. Roulette Premium Whisky
  5. Royal Stag Deluxe
  6. Royal Stag Barrel Select
  7. Oaken Glow Premium Whisky
  8. Haywards Fine
  9. Eight P M
  10. Cotombi Charred Reserve Whisky
  11. DSP Black Deluxe
  12. Amrut Indian Single Malt Whisky
  13. Black and White Scotch
  14. 100 Pipers 12Yrs Deluxe Scotch
  15. Oaksmith Gold Blended Whisky
  16. VAT 69 Finest Scotch
  17. Teachers 50 Blended Scotch
  18. Royal Challenge Premium Whisky
  19. Black Dog Centennial Scotch
  20. Rockford Whisky
  21. Blender’s Pride Scotch
  22. Antiquity Blue Whisky
  23. Glenmorangie Grand Vintage 1996
  24. Chivas Regal 25yrs Scotch
  25. Royal Salute Scotch

Here are the above 25 whiskeys which are available in India and you can also buy all these whiskeys online. Whiskey is generally of two types, one is premium whiskey and the other is blended whiskey.

Best Whisky Brands in India

There are many brand whiskey companies in India. You have to choose only the best whiskey. Because the quality and price of each whiskey brand are different.

Here below is the list of best-selling whiskey in India, you can see it and choose your favorite whiskey and know about it. We are just talking about the best-selling whiskeys here and explained.

If you want to know about the best whiskey brands in India which are available everywhere in India then you should check out this list.

1# Antiquity Blue

Antiquity Blue whiskey is a famous and popular whiskey in India. It is used in big parties and grand celebrations. High-status people consume it in large quantities. Its price is quite expensive so not everyone can afford it.

Antiquity Blue

Rs.1520 (750ml)

2# Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve is also included in a premium list. Rich people in India use it a lot. Because one gets addicted to it gradually and leaves it slowly. Which gives a different kind of pleasure.

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve

Rs.3060 (750ml)

3# Sterling Reserve B7

Sterling Reserve B7 whiskey is bought by medium-standard people. Since its taste is very good, its demand in the market is also very high. Since the price is lower than other brands, most people can buy it comfortably.

Sterling Reserve B7

Rs.760 (750ml)

4# Imperial Blue Superior Grain

You will get Imperial Blue Superior Grain Whiskey in the market for Rs.640 for 750 ml. This whiskey is included in the premium whiskey list. Many people buy this Imperial Blue whiskey in India.

Imperial Blue Superior Grain

Rs.640 (750ml)

5# Officer Choice Blue

Officer choice is always a favorite for everyone. Therefore, the person consuming it always looks for this brand. Once you like this brand, you will not be able to leave it.

Officer Choice Blue

Rs.600 (750ml)

6# Blenders Pride Reserve

People like to drink it with ice. Its charm becomes different when taken with ice. The taste of Blenders Pride Reserve is also of very rich quality, hence people like it very much in the market. If you are looking for the best whiskey brands in India then definitely consider this one.

Blenders Pride Reserve

Rs.600 (750ml)

7# Signature Rare Aged

The signature brand is especially liked by college students. Whiskey also has quality along with its name. The signature brand is especially liked by college students. Whiskey also has quality along with its name. If you want a premium brand then you can consider it.

Signature Rare Aged

Rs.1520 (750ml)

8# Rockford Fine & Rare

Rockford Fine & Rare whiskey is available almost everywhere in India. If you are going to attend a party or function and are on a budget, then definitely consider this. Considering its price, the quality is very good.

Rockford Fine & Rare

Rs.1575 (750ml)

9# Budweiser Magnum

Budweiser Magnum is included in a premium brand list. Therefore, not everyone can buy it at all times. But Indian people sometimes pay more attention to taste and quality than money. So people still wonder how expensive this whiskey is.

Budweiser Magnum

Rs.2800 (750ml)

10# Eight P M

The price of Eight P M whiskey is available at a low rate all over India. Therefore, this is a good choice for people to drink good whiskey on a low budget. People who work hard prefer this whiskey more.

Eight P M

Rs.500 (750ml)

In conclusion,

Today’s post talks about 25 whiskey brands found in India. And these 10 best whiskey brands in India are discussed in detail. This will help you in purchasing the whiskey of your choice.

The price of the 10 best whiskeys has also been given. There has been a discussion about which whiskey is consumed the most. Choose for yourself which one suits you best considering your budget and taste.

The above-mentioned whiskeys are available in the shop starting from 90ml to 2 liter. If you live in a big city like Delhi or Mumbai, then you can order whiskey at a lower price online.

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