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Love is such a feeling that happens in every heart, just when we get a reason for it, then we feel that feeling. When someone is in love with someone, then the heart finds everything beautiful and cute. Every moment, the heart remains in contact with your girlfriend. If she is near, then the heart does not want anything else, the eyes also only look at him, the brain does not know anything. Every moment agonizes, the heart sculpts to meet them. We fall in love with winning, our world also becomes limited to that person only. Our social media is also full of love status only. A person who is in love becomes happy with just a glimpse of your love. But it is very easy to love friends, but it becomes very difficult to express that love.

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mehboob samne ho aur nazarein sarm se jhuki rahe
Ye bhi mohabbat ki hasin ada hoti hai.

महबूब सामने हो और नज़रें शर्म से झुकी रहे
ये भी मोहब्बत की हसीन अदा होती है।

Mehboob is in front and eyes are bowed in shame
This too is a beautiful act of love.
mohalle ke ishq ka bhi
Bada ajeeb afsaana hota hai,
Do gharon ki doori par beech mein sara jamana hota hai.

मोहल्ले के इश्क का भी
बड़ा अजीब अफसाना होता है,
दो घरों की दूरी पर बीच में सारा जमाना होता है।

love of the locality
It's a strange story,
At the distance of two houses,
there is a whole era in the middle.
na khubsurat, na amir, na saatir banaya tha,
Mere rab ne to mujhe tere khatir banaya tha.

न खूबसूरत, न अमीर, न सातिर बनाया था,
मेरे रब ने तो मुझे तेरे खतीर बनाया था।

Neither beautiful, nor rich, nor satir was made,
My Lord has made me for your sake.
wo kahti soch lena mohabbat karne se pahle,
Ab usay kaise samjhaun soch kar to
Sajish ki jaati hai.

वो कहती सोच लेना मोहब्बत करने से पहले,
अब उसे कैसे समझाऊँ सोच कर तो
साजीश की जाती है।

She says think before making love,
Now thinking of how to explain it to him
A conspiracy is made.
ajeeb hai nazaron se bachna bhi hai
Nazar na aaye to dhundna bhi hai.

अजीब है नज़रों से बचना भी है
नज़र ना आए तो ढूँढना भी है।

It's strange to avoid eyes
If you don't see it, you have to find it.


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