Dosti Shayari in Hindi

Friendship is the only relationship in the world. This can only not be communicated to the world through ?Dosti Shayari English or Hindi. Which you cannot compare to any price. Love is created in every sense. But it is also called true love, which is filled with many forms of love.

If we give a true example of love, it will only be based on friendship. So in today’s world of love, it’s all about love. So it will only explain to a friend with a clear heart.

But Shayari authors always have to make Shayari useful for their readers. It doesn’t matter if it is Hindi or English. Not just in this post today. In each of our posts, we publish Shayari in Hindi, in English, and in Hindi phonetic language on our website

A friend who fills our life with lots of love,
joy happiness.
Friendship never comes to a point especially,
when it's straight from the heart and your,
a wonderful human being and a beautiful girl.
Your smile refreshes my day and your voice creates magic.
छू ले आसमान जमीन की तलाश ना कर
जी ले जिंदेगी खुशी की तलाश ना कर,
तकदीर बदल जाएगी खुद ही मेरे दोस्त
मुस्कुराना सीख ले वजह की तलाश ना कर ।

Chhu Le Aasmaan Jameen Ki Talaash Na Kar
Ji Le Zindegi Khusi Ki Talaash Na Kar
Taqdeer Badal Jayegi Khud Hi Mere Dost
Muskurana Sikh Le Wajah Ki Talaash Na Kar
When love is unknown to you,
you have known what is happiness,
when you know love,
you know what is pain,
when you lose it,
you know what is “life”
फूल सबनम में डूब जाते है
जख्म मरहम में डूब जाते है
जब आते है खत तेरे,
हम तेरे गम में डूब जाते है ।

Phul sabanam mein doob jate hein
Jakhm Marham mein doob jate hein
jab aate hein khat tere
ham tere gam mein doob jate hein
Friendship is not about finding the right person,
but creating the right relationship,
it not how much we care in the beginning,
but how much we care in the end.
कौन जाने कब मौत का पैगाम आ जाए
जिंदगी की आखरी शाम आ जाए,
हमे तो इंतेजार है उस शाम का
जब हमारी ज़िंदेगी किसी के काम आ जाए ।

Koun jane kab mout ka paigaam aa jaye
zindegi ki aakhri shaam aa jaye
humme to intezaar hai uss shaam ka
jab hamari zindegi kisi ke kaam aa jaye
Life is a waste of time,
time is a waste of life
so my friends stay wasted all the time,
and have the time of your life.
वक़्त नूर को बेनूर कर देता है
छोटे से जख्म को नासूर कर देता है,
कौन चाहता है अपने से दूर होना
लेकिन वक़्त सबको मजबूर कर देता है ।

Waqt noor ko benoor kar deta hai
chhote se zakhm ko nasoor kar deta hai
koun chahta hai apne se door hona
lekin waqt sabko majboor kar deta hai
One day love and friendship met,
love asked: why do you exist if I already exist,
friendship replied: To put a smile where u leave tears.
मोहब्बत का नतीजा
दुनिया में हमने बूरा देखा,
जिन्हे दाबा था वफ़ा का
उन्हें भी हमने बेवफा देखा ।

Mohabaat ka natija
duniya mein humne bura dekha
jinhe dawaa tha wafaa ka
unhe bhi humne bewafaa dekha

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