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Good Night Photo

i have seen angels in the sky
I have seen snowfall in July
I have seen things
You only imagine to see,
But I haven't seen
Anything Sweeter than you.
wishing the sweetest night
To a sweet natured person
God has been really kind
May you sleep tight,
N Fall from bed tonight.
as day turns into night
Keep your worries off the sight
No matter how tough world may seem
You deserve the best dream.
wish moon always be full and bright
And you always be cool and right
Whenever you go to switch off the light
Remember that I am wishing you good night.

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welcome to sweet dream airlines
All Passengers on bed be ready
As the flight will be leaving
Soon to dreamland
Close your eyes, take off
sun is upset and moon is happy
Because sun is missing you
And moon is gonna be with you
For rest of the night
Have a wonderful night.
Begin the day with a light heart
Let all your worries be
Swept aside at night
Smile a moment and thank god,
For every moment
He cares for you all the way.
let the most beautiful dream
Come to you tonight
Let the sweetest person
Come in your dream tonight
But don't make it a habit
Because I am not free every night. No.
a day is going to end again
it is nice  to have a friend like you
making my everyday seems so great
thank you my friend lastly.

good night and sweet dreams...
some friends are worth to be thrown
some are good to keep
some are to be treasured forever
and i think you are one to be thrown
in the treasure box to be kept forever.
treat life as a sea
heart as seashore and friends like waves
it never matters how many waves are there
what matters is which one touches the seashore.
sometimes my mind asked
why i miss you?
why i care for you why i remember you
them my heart answered it's a simply
because you are a sweet friend.

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