Royal Stag Whisky Price in Odisha: 90ml, 180ml, 375ml, 750ml Price

In today’s post, we will share with you the price of Royal Stag whiskey in Odisha. Many people want to know the cost of royal stag whiskey in Odisha. Because it is being sold at exorbitant rates in local shops, if you know its actual price in advance then it will be helpful for you.


Royal Stag is a famous whiskey not only in Odisha but all over India. People all over India like it very much. Because its price is lower than other whisky.

Royal Stag Price in Odisha

6 variants of royal stag whiskey are available in the market. But out of them, 4 variants are very popular. The 90ml, 180ml, 375ml, and 750ml royal stag whiskey are mostly popular in Odisha and are available in all wine shops.

So let’s check the Royal Stag Price in Odisha,

Brand NameBottle(ml)Price
Royal Stag Deluxe90mlRs.95
Royal Stag Deluxe180mlRs.180
Royal Stag Deluxe (Popular)375mlRs.360
Royal Stag Deluxe (Popular)750mlRs.760
Royal Stag Deluxe1000mlRs.980
Royal Stag Deluxe2000mlRs.1850

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Best-selling Royal Stag Whisky Bhubaneswar

The following 4 bottles of Royal Stag whisky are mostly sold in Odisha. The 4 royal stag whiskey bottles given below are very familiar in Odisha. Most people buy these four-size bottles.

You need to be careful while buying that the price of each bottle can vary between Rs.5 to Rs.20 in Odisha.

Brand NameBottle(ml)Price
Royal Stag Price in Odisha90mlRs.95
Royal Stag Price in Odisha180mlRs.180
Royal Stag Price in Odisha375mlRs.360
Royal Stag Price in Odisha750mlRs.760

Royal Stag Whisky

Royal Stag Whisky, also popularly known as Seagram’s Royal Stag. This is an iconic brand among the spirits brands of India. The brand redefined the spirits space in India by offering an international quality blend, pioneering the grain spirit blended with Scotch malts revolution.

Tasting Notes

This Barrel Select Whisky has a Golden Amber color and comes with a Blended Scotch Malt & Indian Gains. Aroma is Leafy, Woody, and Fruity & a touch of Smokey Burnt Wood. Taste is exceptionally Smooth with Malted flavor, toast, Smoky, Sweet, medium-bodied, and rounded, Smooth finish.


We have already shared the Royal Stag whisky price in Odisha. We have also included the best-selling whisky bottles of Royal Stag in Odisha. Hope, you find the post helpful. If you want more help then put a comment on this post. Thanks.

What is the Royal Stag price in Odisha?

Starting from Rs.95 to Rs.1850

What is the price of Royal Stag 180ml in Odisha?


What is the price of Royal Stag 750ml in Odisha?


What is the Royal Stag quarter price in Odisha?

Rs.760 (750ml)

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