Sun Pagli – Cute Love Attitude Status for Whatsapp

Sun Pagli Cute Love Attitude

Hi friends, In today’s time, this [ #सुन_पगली ] post on WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook is also becoming quite viral and popular. That’s why we have shared some Sun Pagli, Dekh Pagli & more posts with you. Here we shared the world’s best collection of Pagli Status, Cute Love Attitude Status for you.

Love is really blind. In this, we sometimes have anger, love, pride, and sometimes funny jokes. Yet our love was never less. It has become much easier now to state anger again. For example via WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, and other social media platforms. So friends, without wasting any time download and share your favorite pics with your girlfriend.

jyada smart ban ne ki koshis mat kar pagle
kyonki mere baal bhi tere aukaat se lambe hai.

ज्यादा स्मार्ट बन ने की कोषिस मत कर पगले
क्योंकी मेरे बाल भी तेरे औकात से लंबे हैं।

Don't try to become smart
Because my hair is also longer than your status.
sun pagali hum to shauk se status likhe te hai,
par logo ko sachmuch shock lag jaate hai.

सुन पागल हम तो शौक से स्टेटस लोखते ते है,
पर लोगो को सचमुच शॉक लग जाते हैं।

Listen madly, we write status with passion,
But people get really shocked.
itna attitude mat dikha pagali,
mere phone ki battery bhi tujhse jyad hot hai.

इतना एततितुड़े मत दीखा पगली,
मेरे फोन की बैटरी भी तुझसे ज्यादा हॉट है।

Don't be so rude
My phone battery is also hotter than yours.
sun pagali agar tu apne papa ki
princess hogi,
to hum bhi apni maa ke laaal hai.

सुन पगली अगर तू अपने पापा की
राजकुमारी होगी,
तो हम भी अपनी मां के लाल हैIf you listen to your father
will be a princess
So i too have our mother's king.
dhokha dene ki baat mat kar pagali
yahaan wish puri na hone pe log,
bhagawan badal dete hai
to tu kya cheez hai.

धोखा देने की बात मत कर पागली
यहाँ विश पूरी ना होने पे लोग,
भगवान बदलते हैं
तो तू क्या चीज है।

don't talk about cheating
People here when the wish is not fulfilled,
god changes
So what are you?

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